Low Cost USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Training Kit

Users of our Low Cost USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Training Kit can learn DAQ and programming in a guided workshop. The learner builds a Light Intensity Data Logger using our step by step Instruction Guide in less than a day.

LabVIEW Measure Light Intensity VI

While Building the Light Intensity Data Logger and other interesting Virtual Instruments, the user will learn

  • Sensor, Actuators - Light Sensor, Thermistor, IC temperature sensor, LEDs, Switch
  • Data Acquisition - Analog Input, Analog Output, Digital Input, Digital Output

LabVIEW DAQ WorkshopIf they are using LabVIEW, they will learn

  • Build VI
  • Sub VI
  • While Loop
  • Charts
  • Clusters
  • Boolean comparison
  • Arrays
  • Use Statistical VIs
  • Save data to File
  • Shift Registers

If they are using the .NET languages, they will learn

  • Basic Program Structure
  • Variables & Statements
  • Console Input Output
  • Branching Statement if else
  • Loop for
  • do Loop
  • Array
  • File IO
  • Windows Form

The Low Cost USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Training Kit comprises

USB DAQ Training Kit

To use our LabVIEW instructional material, the user must have the LabVIEW Development System ver 8. It is for LabVIEW running on the Microsoft Windows platforms. Our LabVIEW ver 8 training material is available for evaluation.

To use the .NET languages, we recommend Visual Studio 2010 for Microsoft Windows. Our Visual Basic 2010 training material is available for evaluation.

Note that the above refers to our instruction materials only. In terms of LabVIEW or .NET drivers, they are suitable for LabVIEW 7 and above or .NET 2.0 and above respectively running on the Windows platforms.

Specification (PDF file size 130K)ROHS

Price US$119
Status Discontinued