Light Application Adaptor for EMANT300, EMANT380

The Light Application Adaptor is used for the teaching or demonstrating of PC or smartphone Based Data Acquisition and Control. Used with the EMANT300 USB Data Acquisition Module or the EMANT380 Bluetooth Wireless Data Acquisition Module, they form a very low cost DAQ teaching kit. It is ideal for use in hands-on teaching laboratories.


light application adaptor
  • 3 LEDS (Digital Output)
  • 1 switch (Digital Input)
  • 1 Light Sensor BPW34 (Analog Input)
  • 1 Thermistor (Analog Output)
  • Screw Terminals for connecting other sensors and actuators directly for additional experiments like measuring pressure and strain.

Examples of lessons and demonstrations that can be built around this board

  • Light Intensity logger
  • Temperature logger
  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • Traffic Light Crossing
  • Car park monitoring system
  • Closed loop temperature control system1
  • Simple Weighing Machine1

Note 1: Additional low cost, easily available components required

Examples programs using National Instrument's LabVIEW, the Microsoft .NET languages (C#, VB or VC++) or Open Source Python are included. Plus instructions on how to build a light intensity logger.

LabVIEW Light Intensity Measurement

Specification (PDF file size 140K) rohs

Price US$29
Status Discontinued