Learn LabVIEW and DAQ with the EMANT DAQ Kits

A typical 3 day course from most vendors can easily cost you up to several thousands of dollars. This covers the cost of instructors, facility rental, equipments, meals and even travel expenses. The advantage of self paced training is all these costs are eliminated. Another advantage is the learner can learn when and where it is most convenient.

The learner builds a Light Intensity Data Logger using our step by step Instruction Guide in less than a day.

Learning Objectives

Sensor, Actuators - Light Sensor, Thermistor, IC temperature sensor, LEDs, Switch

Data Acquisition - Analog Input, Analog Output, Digital Input, Digital Output

LabVIEW Topics

  • Build VI
  • Sub VI
  • While Loop
  • Charts
  • Clusters
  • Boolean comparison
  • Arrays
  • Statistical VIs
  • Save data to File
  • Shift Registers


Course Materials

Course Guide in acrobat pdf format

Accompanying LabVIEW solution VIs

Course Videos

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 3a