Intelligent BMI (Body Mass Index) Machine

The Intelligent BMI (Body Mass Index) Machine is a weighing scale with brains. The Intelligent BMI Machine not only measures weight and height, but also recommends appropriate exercises and diets to suit the users. The machine is basically a modified bathroom scale that is able to measure weight via the EMANT300 USB Data Acquisition module. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the person's height. When linked up with a smartcard reader, it is able to capture and store the measurements of numerous individuals in an instant and even chart time-based comparisons.

To use the BMI Machine, a user scans his identity card at the card reader, steps up to the weighing scale where his weight and height is measured and then computes the Body Mass Index. As the results can be recorded over time, it is easy for PE teachers to monitor the BMI of their students in their class over time.

During the ITE Student Achievers' Awards Presentation Ceremony 2007 held on Wednesday 30 May 2007, the team of Phua Boon Chye, Davis (Group Leader), Muhammed Nazhim Khan, Oei Ian Francis and Muhammad Afifuddin from ITE College West (Dover Campus) were awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award for their Intelligent BMI Machine project.

The Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award is presented to students who have developed excellent projects that embody quality, technical innovation and creativity. The projects are also expected to have industrial applications. The Award serves to inspire students to develop a zeal for challenges, creativity and competition.

The team's effort has paid off - one company has already placed an order for the machine. For more information, please contact their project supervisor Mr Cheong Fook Loy