The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380

Discontinued Products

24 bit ADC, 8 bit Current Output, 8DIO, PWM or Counter

Pressure Application Adaptor
200 kPa Freescale MPX2202, +/-0.25% Linearity, Differential Configurations

Light Application Adaptor
3 LEDs, 1 switch, 1 Light Sensor, 1 Thermistor, Screw Terminals for external circuits

Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit
EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ module, Light Application Adaptor, 3.3V regulator, Battery Holder, Instructional Guides

EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ Module
24 bit ADC, 8 bit Current Output, 8DIO, PWM or Counter

Bridge Sensor Application Adaptor
3.3V excitation, Up to 3 bridge inputs.
Schematic and PCB layout available for download.

Bridge Completion Network
Three 120 ohm resistors with screw terminals.
Schematic and PCB layout available for download.

Prototype Board Application Adaptor
Prototype board with DB25 socket. Soldering required

Breadboard Application Adaptor
Breadboard with DB25 socket. For quick experiments

3.3V Regulator
Regulates input voltage to 3.3V output

Battery Holder
3 AA Battery Holder

Screw Terminals Application Adaptor
Screw Terminal with Prototype board. For quick wiring and custom signal conditioning circuits

24V DIO Application Adaptor
Connect the DAQ modules to up to 24V Digital Signals

Kyowa Strain Gauge
120 ohm, GF 2.11, 2mm length

Hand-held Biopotential Electrodes Assembly
Measures biopotential voltages (ECG) with hand-held electrodes

Pinch Meter Assembly
Measures Pinch Strength. Used to demonstrate a typical strain gage application

Compass Application Adaptor
HMC1052 Measure direction and magnitude of Earth's magnetic fields from 120 micro-gauss to 6 gauss

Accelerometer Application Adaptor
MMA7260QT +/-1.5g to 6g Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer

Strain Application Adaptor
2.5V excitation, Up to 6 inputs, Quarter, half or full bridge configurations