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Short Message Service (SMS) using Visual C# 2005, Visual Basic Express

This paper describes object-oriented access to the Short Message Service (SMS). SMS is one of the GSM Data Services provided by a Network Operator. It enables you to send and receive Short Messages

The program was tested using the Nokia PC Suite and the Nokia 8250. The 8250 then functions as a modem for your PC Communications Applications, enabling you to send and receive SMS. The program should work with any phones that come with modem drivers. The latest driver (assembly ver 1.0.2221.23870 updated 30 Jan 2006) has also been tested with the Samsung SGH-E730.

Although the example is given in C#, with a little translation, you should get it working with Visual Basic Express or Visual Basic 2005

Download SMS folder 28kB. Extract the entire folder to your PC

The code and application note is provided AS IS. No warranty or fitness of use or support is provided. The words visit cannot be removed from outgoing messages

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